Sunday, June 27, 2010

South Africa's world cup

Anyone watched The daily show lately?

They showed a bit of how there were like only foreign companies around the stadium, and how actual African stores had to be like about a certain distance away from it.
And also about that annoying trumpet kinda thing that sounds like bees, and how noisy it was.

I really thought South Africa was a bit more liberal than that. I mean, they (the police) actually stopped an interview when a guy was complaining about the government. I thought only China or countries that don't care about free speech would do something like that.

Anyway, those trumpet kinda things really are annoying...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Takasaki's company, and the best flirting techniques

I went to Takasaki today for a company's guidance.

The company totally sucked. It was called マクロ (Macro). The people there were like Japanese asset price bubble times (the 80's). They greeted me like 10 meters away from the entrance, yelling me "こんにちは!!!" (something like "good afternoon sir!").
And when the guidance begun, everyone employee entering the room was like "失礼します!!!" (excuse me!!), and there were so many of them I couldn't really hear wtf they were explaining, and the kept entering and leaving the damn room, so it was very annoying.
Not even the people in the Japanese do stuff like that.

And the CEO came and started talking about their "special" policies...
He said something like "women are to behave as such, so we make them bring us (the men) tea, and wear a uniform. Men are to behave as men too, so if needed you are to carry heavy things, etc." ... I kinda agree with what he's saying, in the way that it's obviously more "pleasant" to be brought tea by women rather than by guys, but that guy kinda sounded like a dick><.

Anyway, I really felt as I was in North Korea or something.

Putting the company's talk aside...
Takasaki's (Gunma) girls are SO hot!
Really! Not only all those JK (highschool girls), and ギャル (gyaru) girls, but even regular ones were extremely hot. They use such a cute make-up><. Makes you wanna kiss them all day long lol.
Really, the most beautiful thing ever has to be a Japanese girl/woman. Or, at times, a blonde one^^.

Flirting technique...

I was there with a friend. And I started telling him about a TV show I saw the other day talking about ナンパ(flirting/hitting on something).
Apparently, especially Japanese girls, have a thing for media/mass communications. Their brains, in general, are set like that.
So you can use that to your advantage... How you say? That's pretty obvious; with a microphone!! lol
No, for real! A mic! You talk to them and put the mic in front of them so they can answer, and apparently they just can't resist it! They answer almost anything you ask><.

You have to make it seem kinda funny by using something like a toy's mic, rather than a real looking one though^^.
And it gets better! Using the same principle, if you get some friends to help you out, you can make one guy use the mic, other guy a camera (just look like you're carrying one, don't ACTUALLY carry one^^), and other guy with a board/paper (use it like a teleprompter).
So you can write like "Now say your phone number", and there's a change she just might^^.

In the TV show they tried that, 4/42 girls actually told their phone numbers:D all the rest answered to some questions, and no girl just ignored the guy (as it's normal in Japan lol).

I so have to try that some time.
I want a Japanese girlfriend so much><

Friday, June 25, 2010

Crappy students...

I've got like the worst students.

One kid, is especially bad. He always comes to class like 20,30 minutes late. And of course doesn't remember anything I taught him last class...

The thing is, he does understand what I teach him (besides I try to teach as few as possible per class, so he doesn't have to "process" that much), but he just really doesn't think it's important enough to remember, so he forgets everything like by the next day...

I've tried "quizzes" (like vocabulary, and sentences, all one on one), and it helps a little bit, he remembers for like 2, 3 days. But by the next week, it's all lost. So it's VERY hard to go to the next unit like this.

I try not to give up on anyone, and this kid does have the capability to understand, so there's some hope. But lately, he's becoming very annoying... He keeps saying stuffs like "ok, I'll finish this page, then I can go back home right?", expressing how bad he doesn't want to come, or "I'm not gonna be able to do this. Impossible. No way." before trying to do anything first (he is able to the problems most of the time, if he tries).

I don't expect students to be smart, and it's not a problem if they aren't at all. But I do expect them to at least have some decent manners. And I'm really getting pissed off by this kid. As a "juku" (preparatory school kinda thing...) I teach like at most two students by class. So it would be very awkward to yell, or start preaching anyone, besides probably not very helpful ---we're of course told not to do that as well^^---.

Anyone knows how to treat a kid like this? I'd love to know...