Saturday, August 14, 2010


I had a cold for like 4 days.
My head hurt so much I couldn't even read my sex book / programming language manual (I've been studying logo for a while).

So I played some Lego for a while:D.
I made a dinosaur. Yes, this is what a grown man (24) years old is capable of lol.

I also made a toilet and a guy sitting on it, but I didn't take any pictures of it^^.

It's been a few months by now, but lately, one of the local department stores changed to a "mega don quixote", one of the largest chain stores in Japan.
They used to sell only crap before, but now they have so many cool stuffs!
This is one piece's Nico Robin. It's a mouse pad. I use a trackball so I really don't need it, but you can rest your hand in her boobs!!! If I had a mouse, I'd really be buying it:D.
How can you not love Japan?^^

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