Tuesday, August 10, 2010

got in

Rakuten officially hired me^^ I'm very excited.
The guy that interviewed me and asked me linux/open-source related stuffs was Mr. Yoshioka who is apparently like the Linux kernel developer no1 in Japan... I had no idea!
I met the other guys who got hired too, but most of them where from the University of Tokyo... there was even one guy from Stanford, omg><.
And there was me, from Gunma University lol, as you can guess, very exciting for me.

I'm sure I'll be learning from the best hackers in Japan, and I'll be working for a company I feel proud for, which is a LOT more than was I expecting!


  1. Hello rikijpn, hope you're still monitoring the comments.

    I've just graduated and I'd like to wonder if you'd recommend applying to rakuten? How is the work culture? Is it a good place to learn high quality japanese? Would I be able to survive with poor speaking ability if I have good reading ability?

    Are you working on linux related things? Does rakuten do any systems programming?

    1. Hey Daniel.
      I really can't just recommend you apply or not... it's a decision and all, especially when you're just out of college.

      >How is the work culture?
      Efficiency-centered, but as a big company, there's a lot of bureaucracy. It can't be annoying sometimes if you're hacker minded. But in the end, it all depends on what group/team you work and all, so nothing is definite...

      >Is it a good place to learn high quality japanese?
      Still not fully "Englishnized", depending on your team, some/a good Japanese language ability is needed. And at least in the Japanese office, still most employees are Japanese, so at least you can practice. So, it can be, but most likely, it's not good a good place to learn "high quality" Japanese.

      >Would I be able to survive with poor speaking ability if I have good reading ability?
      Totally. I think there are people coming here with no Japanese language skills whatsoever.

      >Are you working on linux related things?
      Yes, I'm a SYS engineer, which is like a systems specialist, and most of our servers are GNU/Linux. But if you're an application guy, you'll be using w*ndows or mac for your terminal, and right now, we're forced to either use mac or w*ndows in at least one computer for company communications, intra systems, etc...

      >Does rakuten do any systems programming?
      systems programming? I don't quite get your question, but at least for programming stuffs, again, depending on your team/group, you'll be mostly "designing" the program/application, rather than writing it. So if you are imagining writing code all day long, for most groups/teams, I think that's not the case...

      Anyway, I guess the best reply I can give you overall, is that it depends on what you want to do^^.
      If you're interested in a Rakuten service, and to maintain/improve it, etc. That's a good start to choose it as your place to work. You might also be interested in just the things they do, like Search systems and stuffs, or systems in general. Please check out the new grads page: http://global.rakuten.com/corp/careers/engineering/. The recruitment guys will probably be glad to answer to your questions, and if you come to the office, to give you a tour or something, and talk to actual employees, which will probably satisfy you a lot more than just asking an employee on his blog;D.

      I hope this helps. If you do choose this company, and get it, please invite me for lunch or something.

  2. Hello rikijpn. I hope you can read my comment and give respon to my comment. :)

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    I read from your post that you are Rakuten Employee.
    I want to ask you some question about recruitment process in rakuten especially for software Developer.
    I have applied to Rakuten for Software Developer position through top career international.
    I passed the resume screening, Online coding and pre recorded interview, and First face to face skype Interview.
    Then i got my second face to face skype interview on February 5, 2015.
    In the second face to face skype interview the interviewer told me that if i passed i will be placed in Fukuoka branch.
    Then he told me that they will contact me after a few days.
    I still wait until now and still didn't get contacted.
    From this, Am i not passed this second interview so they dont contact me ?
    Is it still any chance for me to passed this step ?
    The HR women told me when i have first skype interview that if i can get start work on May 2015.
    I say yes i can get move on May 2015.
    From that i count it, i have second skype interview on February 2015.
    If there are still 2 skype interview more and then i thought it will be on March 2015 and April 2015.
    And If i passed it all then in May 2015 i must move.
    But that's all just my thought hehe.
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