Friday, September 24, 2010

Haunted spots in Japan

Place: Kiryu 3th Tunnel (Gunma prefecture, Kiryu city)

I took these pictures with my friend Tamotsu (his site here/nothing to do with haunted spots).
The scariest one, is obviously the one at the top!
After coming back from the "3th Kiryu Tunnel" (as it's called) in Umeda, Kiryu, we took a picture to the car. No one realized we had taken that picture after we checked those pictures out in our computers.
Tamotsu took the liberty of adding some "nice" comments around, but nothing but the comments have been added to the original pictures.
In the top picture you can clearly see the face of a woman/girl in the front seat. I didn't believe in ghosts much until I saw this picture... which got me doubtful.

All the rest of the pictures didn't have anything interesting. Tamotsu thinks we had some "orbs" in some pics, but I don't really know that much about photography nor paranormal stuff to tell.

The last pictures were taken in an abandoned elementary school in Umeda, Kiryu.

Nothing that fun here either (Tamotsu is really enjoying himself though^^).

We put together some vids we took over there, and lately in some abandoned shrine (a rather famous haunted spot apparently). Take a look at our vids if you want.
By the time this was posted, the latest vid is the one of the abandoned shrine. We actually took one at night too, but was too dark to see anything... maybe gonna post those pics too though.

Monday, September 6, 2010

biohazard 4

I went to see biohazard 4 yesterday.
The only 3D version available was the one dubbed into Japanese... but well, I really wanted to see the 3D version so I saw it in Japanese.

I think next time I'm gonna stay with the 2D version... 3D is not that bad (I guess...), rain, looked kind nice in 3D but I really think it wasn't worth it. Not many zombies in 3D and, well, it didn't have the impact I thought it would have. Especially, the movie quality was very low. 2D in High Definition has to look a lot better than that.

On my way back I saw a girl wearing an incredibly tiny skirt, yeah!! Usually, no matter how tiny they are, you can't see girl's underwear, but this girl was showing it all:D and she was so cute. Of course not on purpose, I think she was like in high school, and didn't seem to be very used to wearing skirts, which made her look even cuter.
I love Japan^^.