Monday, September 6, 2010

biohazard 4

I went to see biohazard 4 yesterday.
The only 3D version available was the one dubbed into Japanese... but well, I really wanted to see the 3D version so I saw it in Japanese.

I think next time I'm gonna stay with the 2D version... 3D is not that bad (I guess...), rain, looked kind nice in 3D but I really think it wasn't worth it. Not many zombies in 3D and, well, it didn't have the impact I thought it would have. Especially, the movie quality was very low. 2D in High Definition has to look a lot better than that.

On my way back I saw a girl wearing an incredibly tiny skirt, yeah!! Usually, no matter how tiny they are, you can't see girl's underwear, but this girl was showing it all:D and she was so cute. Of course not on purpose, I think she was like in high school, and didn't seem to be very used to wearing skirts, which made her look even cuter.
I love Japan^^.

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