Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rakuten's initiation ceremony

I went to the Rakuten's initiation ceremony the other day.
There were a bit over 500 people including the staff and TV cameras taking the event.
I was a bit nervous. Especially since, even though the ceremony itself was in English, it was a Japanese style one! So, like, you have to image the army, because it's something like that. In the first five minutes nobody did anything but stay quiet looking straight ahead; that's right, five hundred people in the same room, and nobody was speaking...
Well, I'm actually quite accustomed to that kind of ceremony so it wasn't that hard for me, but since Rakuten is even doing the ceremony in English and all, I thought a more "American-like" ceremony would have been more welcome.
In Japanese ceremonies, you have to respond in a loud voice, and then go to the front of everyone. In this ceremony you had to do that too, however in English, and you had to say like "here" and then go forward, which I found rather unnatural.

But still, it was a great ceremony.
Except maybe for a chinese guy who did a brief speech. I don't get why chinese people can't get well-fitted size suits. Or stand up straight... or don't behave like assholes when on ceremonies... but I guess they're just not to good with formalities...

Anyway, the best part was after the ceremony, when we got a team get together kinda meeting. All the new guys (obviously including me) were there. And I just gotta tell you, nowhere in Japan have I seen such beautiful Japanese girls. They are all extremely beautiful, cute, and they're like from the Universities of Japan!! The best of the best if you ask me.
Obviously I was a bit shy because of that and couldn't speak very much, but knowing that I'm gonna work with such beautiful ladies just really makes me want to work as soon as possible!!^^
Hooah for Japanese women!!!

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