Saturday, November 6, 2010

Asian movies with great sex scenes

I've watched two "artistic" (not porn?) movies that are worth mention. They were very hard to find (being that the only asian language I speak is Japanese and all...) so I'm just gonna put them here in case in I forget^^.

The first one, is called A good lawyer's wife, it's a Korean movie. It's very long and not so much fun to watch (well, I only watch this kind of movies just for the sex scenes so your opinion may differ^^). And there's one great scene when some guy's wife has sex with her neighbor's teenager son.
That single scene is a lot better than most of the porn out there...

And another movie that's worth mention, is Jan Dara. It's very annoying to hear (it's in thai! almost as bad as hearing chinese...) and it's story is one of the most depressing sick stuffs you're gonna find around... But it's filled with great sex scenes!!:D
I've always seen Thai girls as not so elegant (cheap^^) but sometimes hot. Nothing like the women in this movie... especially the actress Christy Chung (although she is Canadian-Chinese so I guess that's what makes her so damn hot...) who is one of the main characters and has very good sex scenes.

That's it! Just for the record, I watched these movies first by having some free internet-television for a while, and a nice adult selection channel:D. Who doesn't like foreign chicks.

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