Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quantum Leap's ending

I just saw Quantum Leap's ending...
It was too much for me><
I mean, it was great that Al got his wife back and all, but why the heck didn't Sam get to go back home?... I mean, he has a wife and a daughter working to bring him back too doesn't he?
Probably meaning that there's always something going wrong, and not even with your whole life's length you couldn't fix it, or maybe they decided he couldn't go back because the world wasn't a perfect place, and that would contradict the purpose of leaping or something...
I wanted a happy ending that's all><
He could had came back after a few years or at least after be reborn into himself or something.

It was a great series anyways. It's just that ending made me cry and I hate that.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mortal kombat song

Who doesn't love this song! I hadn't heard it since like junior high-school or something, it really makes you want to test your might:D
And of course yell Mortaaal Kombaaaat!!

If we could only play this song while playing quakelive!!!

I watched MK-1 and MK-2's movies because of this damn song. MK-1 was kind of good^^ except for Raiden's voice/hair and everyone being so damn thin.
Especially Johny Cage! One of my favorite character's in the game;)
MK-2 just sucked...
Worst than Power Ranger stuff...
But the girl playing Jade was kinda hot^^.

I also found out there was a TV series called Mortal Kombat Conquest... don't watch that crap><.

Stargate series, nothing like this

I loved the Stargate series. That is Stargate SG-1, and Atlantis. I'm currently watching Stargate Universe too, but SGU's style is very different from that of SG-1 and Atlantis. It's got so serious it's not really that much fun to watch...
I didn't watch SG-1 only because I thought Carter was hot (although I do think so...), nor Atlantis because it had good computer graphics and a very interesting story about the Ancients and stuffs. But because it was fun to watch, being rather a comical thing more than a serious show.
I like it that they didn't take the show so serious.

I was looking for any series like it, but all I could find was Farscape, which is too little-kid-oriented I think... It has jokes, but too childish, and the story is not that interesting either.
Besides, the characters...

Batllestar galactica was not fun either. The story doesn't make much sense. And it's just plain long...

omg, what happened with decent fun to watch family TV shows?

All I've got is south park, the simpsons and the daily show. No sci-fi stuff><.
I ended up trying to watch Doctor WHO. But it's even more childish than farscape...

Give me Stargate back!! (Or at least make SGU more fun to watch...)
Although I have to admit, even though she's not Japanese, I really find that Chinese-American woman in SGU very hot...
I just had the worst dream.
I was flirting with a Japanese high school girl, and finally got her to give me her e-mail address.
And out of nowhere, some teacher of her came up, and started scolding me for flirting with high school girls lol.
Damn. My dream is to get a Japanese high school girl^^lol.