Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quantum Leap's ending

I just saw Quantum Leap's ending...
It was too much for me><
I mean, it was great that Al got his wife back and all, but why the heck didn't Sam get to go back home?... I mean, he has a wife and a daughter working to bring him back too doesn't he?
Probably meaning that there's always something going wrong, and not even with your whole life's length you couldn't fix it, or maybe they decided he couldn't go back because the world wasn't a perfect place, and that would contradict the purpose of leaping or something...
I wanted a happy ending that's all><
He could had came back after a few years or at least after be reborn into himself or something.

It was a great series anyways. It's just that ending made me cry and I hate that.

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