Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ameblo annoys me

ameba's ameblo (blog site) is so annoying...
All RSS feds won't show images (for some referrer check they do, why the hell would you add a RSS feed if you don't plan to open it for the world, or at least popular reader sites for god's sake...).

But I guess that's also because copyright laws are too hard in Japan too.
As a FSF (Free Software Fundation) and GPL supporter, I have my beliefs about copyrighting (like, too much, is definitely wrong).

But they could at least, show the "computer" address for a blog when accessing a "cell phone" address with a computer... it just shows a damn error page!
Anyway, this is how the address looks for a cell phone:
This is for computers:
where obviously SOME_ID is the ID of the person's blog.

And do something about your RSS feeds!

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