Monday, January 24, 2011

my favorite music (1)

(in J-POP)
Ah, I like Utada Hikaru so much!
She's so cute, and has such an amazing voice. Not only that, but melodically I think she's one of the best singer ever.

It's been like 8 years since I first heard her, and I just can't get the same songs I heard that time out of my head even today! (especially when you haven't heard her in a while...)

The thing is, I had listened to her very much, but I had never seen any video of her so I didn't know how cute she was! And man she's cute!><
There's just something different about Japanese girls who have lived abroad, they just look even more beautiful than regular-incredibly-beautiful ones^^ (in my opinion anyway).

These are some her vids (the ones I like the best). She even did a song for a pepsi commercial! what a waste><

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