Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'll be taking the TOEIC this month. RAKUTEN makes everyone take it before starting working...
It should be easy^^ I (think I) speak English to a decent level, and in all the other English tests I've taken I've been in the best scores.
The thing is, I have to take in "Kyouai-gakuen Maebashi International University"... where the heck is that?><
Apparently takes about 30mins by train, and it's a bit far from the station... omg, and it's in the morning!! I woke up at 1:00pm today! (and just because I had to go to the lab!) so I don't know if I should stay up all night or have it with the 3 hrs of sleep I'd probably have if I decide to sleep.

Whatever, I should do OK anyways.

Tomorrow I have two girls students!! yeah!!!
But I'm probably gonna have at least one switched with some other teacher's dude-student>< I've grown used to this damn pattern lol.

Lately I can't get this song off my head... the intro is so good, and hikki is so cute!

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