Friday, February 4, 2011

Setsubun, Japanese spring welcome day or something

That's the title all my friends in the SNS I'm using (mixi, the most popular in Japan) used in their nikkis. I really have no idea what that is...

Anyway, today at work, after I had the annoying high school guy I have every week this day (who for some reason won't talk with me, but really likes my jokes), I had the usual two guys who are rather fun to teach^^.
I told one of them I won't be teaching on March (being that I'm graduating and having to move to Tokyo to finally work), and told me like "What?... Are you serious?..." in such a sad way^^. I have to admit, all my students (excepting for that annoying high school guy) are great, and I'll greatly miss all of them... I can't believe they pay me for this job! Even as part-time^^, I even get to teach cute girls sometimes, it's really great.
(My part-time job being an English Juku teacher)

After my part-time job, I re-organized my DVDs. After writing my DVD-database-interface, it was very easy to search in which DVD the thing I was looking for was, but not so easy to find the actual DVD...
I organized them by the ID (used in the database), so now it's really easy to search for stuffs!
Here's a pic:

And, it has nothing to do with the above topic, but I really want Koda Kumi to more sexy vids! CRAZY4U was great, and she has a few more sexy vids after that, but lately it's all too-many-clothes-wearing-no-sexy-dancing crap...

Koda Kumi vs Britney Spears

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