Tuesday, March 8, 2011

auto-window opener (download helper for free users in download sites)

Being totally sick of my thesis and my slides for the presentation I gotta do tomorrow, I wrote some greasemonkey scripts to help me automate as much as possible (and remove those annoying Ads...) downloading as a free user.
I wrote three scripts; for filefactory.com, filesonic.com, and for uploaded.to.
You can see them in here.

The thing is, you'd still have to click on the links after a period of time (the download site usually prevents you to download files continually without waiting, just to annoy you).
So I also made a little page that does that for me, and added the ability to read links in html source code, so you can just a page with lots of hotfile.com's links, and copy them right away.
I put it in my webiste.

Ah, I'm so sick of college.

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