Wednesday, March 2, 2011

automatic log out

I was answering a form for a bit over one hour, and when I finally finished and pressed the submit button, I got a made-by-php-like page saying I was logged out because of no activity for too long...
All that text...

I can't believe such damn pages still exist!! I was so gonna kick my computer!
The page was in a site that my company (the one I'm gonna work for from next month) is running, and was about what kind of job I wanted to do! So as you can guess I had to write lots and lots about my experience and stuffs...
I had to write it all over, and was terribly sleepy.
Damn those stupidly made pages, at least put a javascript timer telling you when you are going to be automatically logged out, or let me copy what I wrote by letting my go back the previous page!!

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