Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hate those mommy's boys

At the train (again), I saw a kid looking like very scared of his dad. But that was talking and really seemed to like her mom...
I guess they had like family troubles, because the father was like sitting as far as possible from them and didn't see very pleased about being with them.
The kid was like showing her mom his hand, and telling her like that it hurt or something.
The thing is, she was like holding that kid's hand and kinda touching him in a weird way and really gave me the creeps.

omg, I hate those pussies who like their mom so much they never get away from her, and even get to speak/act like chicks.
I would love to kick to all of their little pussy asses!

But again, I'm pretty sure my testosterone levels are above normal so it might be just me^^.

I have nothing against gay people, but damn I hate pussies.

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