Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My thesis

I have to hand in my thesis by tomorrow...
So far, I have like 7 pages of only results (tables and graphs). And I'm writing the abstract right now.
I don't know why, but I really don't feel like writing it. This is a problem all right><.

Besides really have to renew my visa (from exchange student to working visa), and get a place to live in Tokyo... I should have done all of these things already but I didn't have the money.
Damn, having to do stuffs you don't want to can be stressful. Even more when you have mostly no idea what the heck you did and they tell you to write about it!!

I understand what I did from a programmer point of view... I wrote some shell scripts that used some programs to calculate some scores on some files my professor gave me (DNA sequences for benchmark), and repeated using lots of different models. I also wrote some scripts to make nice graphs and a table with all the results put nicely. Now, apparently I want to say using codon to process stuffs is better than using amino acid sequences/proteins, but I really can't explain why (being that I know shit about biology...).
I guess I'm gonna have a very short introduction and mostly write in the "method" part, and a bit on the result and conclusion parts.
I had to do three tasks, one which is the thing I have no idea of (above), and the other two were web interfaces of programs called phyml and clustalw2, edited to process codon sequences.
At least the part about the web interfaces should be easy... it just has to be><.

I wanted to do anything but writing my thesis so I was like even looking for my rubik's cube... can't find it>< damn.
I'm going to restrain myself from writing other programs and playing quakelive at least till I finished this.

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