Saturday, March 19, 2011

stuff I want for my new place

A new chair...
I want it to be very comfortable, but still let me work when I have to... especially in front of my computer. But I also want to be able to read books on it... And obviously rest when I'm tired so it has to be able to recline.
I saw these two (in Rakuten):
And this one.

Besides the fact that the model is extremely cute... (I love Japanese girls)

And, although expensive as shit, I'd love an electric fireplace too.


  1. I think I prefer that first chair...the other one looks like it might be hard to use at a desk because it looks like it leans back.

    Unless you have orangutang arms of course :P

  2. Hey dude! Thanks for the nice comment^^. Looking forward seeing you in quakelive again.
    Actually both chairs can lean back :D. The first one even has a "rocking" mode, Japanese chairs are amazing! lol
    They have like lots of different "sitting-modes" you can't understand without reading the manuals...

    Anyways, I just really liked that model!^^
    Tell me if you have a blog or anything dude;)