Saturday, April 2, 2011

The cheapest ISP in Japan

The cheapest internet service provider in Japan has to be gmobb. It's great! NTT (the Japanese telephone company you have to pay to get the optical fiber router) doesn't have it in its double application list when you sign the contract, so you have to only ask them to have the router, or tell them you are going to use your own provider (more instructions in gmobb's page).
The only thing besides NTT you can use, is yahoo BB's stuff, but you obviously can't choose your own provider then... (and it's not cheap at all)
gmobb costs about 750y for optical fiber, this is as cheap as you can get.

gmobb also gives wi-fi access in BB wifi spots for about 300y. In which case you wouldn't need to call NTT (its router is over 3000y I think... don't remember, but it's what really costs money). But BB wifi spots are not that many even in Tokyo so you can't really use it as your main internet service.
BB wifi spots are usually McDonalds, train stations, and other restaurants/coffee shops.

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