Saturday, April 23, 2011

living at sakura house for 3 weeks

I've been living at Oomori's sakura for about 3 weeks by now.

As I previously described, the walls are very thin, and you can even hear the guy next room walk...
And my neighbor apparently REALLY likes his girlfriend, and brings her over every weekend, and does lots of nasty stuffs from morning till noon...
I like nasty stuffs, so that wouldn't really normally annoy me, and I really like hearing girls' nasty voices, so that's OK too, but that girl sounds just annoying, and I really gotta study (Rakuten gave me so many books! which I gotta read like in a week...).

And the kitchen... is dirty as hell. The chinese guys just won't clean their messes for who knows what damn reason...
I saw like a huge roach in the lavatory yesterday.

I think he's gone now, but there was an Australian guy who always talked in the hall with some girl like at midnight, and woke everybody up (he had a really loud voice and not much respect for other people...).

So, I can safely say I don't love it in here.

Maybe I'm not fit to live in a room sharing place, or maybe I'm just too used to Japanese manners so I get annoyed rather easily for foreign standards.

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