Saturday, April 2, 2011

My first day at work

Yesterday (4/1) was my first day at work!

Being one of the top IT companies in the world, and most employees being from Universities a lot better than mine, I was very nervous.
But it wasn't so bad. I met lots of cute girls, I even got their email addresses (one of them asked it to me>_< Never got that before!), and I got along with everyone in the development department. So far so good.

What did suck, is that I didn't understand all of the lots and lots of explanations we had. Rakuten is going to be using English as the official language since next year. But still being in a translation stage, English is used mostly in documents, and everything oral is mostly Japanese...
I speak a decent amount of Japanese, having studied here for like 6 years.
But really, the explanations were just too complicated to understand, especially in Japanese! So, I had to keep asking the people next to me when I didn't understand...

I have lots and lots of homework, which I can't talk about because is everything is "secret" and can't discuss...

Still, it's a great company, and I really liked it when they talked about their mission, and I just know there are lots of hackers there too, but still there are a few people who get in my nerve^^.

I hope I do OK in the training, and be able to learn all the what they are trying to teach me the easy way><.

At least, I apparently I'm doing good in my tests and online learning stuffs.

This is how I look now!!
I look so much as an adult^^ I still feel like in high school though...

Anyway, now that I work in a good company and have lots of chances I hope to a cute Japanese girlfriend.

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