Sunday, April 10, 2011

Rakuten girls + I'm getting brainwashed

It's been a bit over a week since I started working at Rakuten.

Wow, let me tell you, I've never seen this many beautiful girls in one place...
They all can be like fashion models or something.

There's especially one very cute girl that looks like Ogura Yuko (below pic), but probably even cuter!
And she's in the same unit as me!!

I armed myself with courage, and asked her e-mail...
And, it has to be a miracle, she gave it to me><.

She said "you look so happy!", hell I was!!!^^

She said like hi by waving her hand over me the other day, and there was another guy, in between, she moved her hands like "not you, him" signing at me...
That just got me><. I'm usually the guy in between!! lol And being said hi from a girl this cute, never happens to me...
She probably doesn't have that kind of interest in me, but still you can't blame me for using my imagination;)

We had a kind of party, in Kabuki-chou, Tokyo. And it was very fun.
I still can't believe I got into such a great company, where I got the chance to meet all these (mostly) great people.

But, I gotta admit, their training is working very good.
Before, getting on a train meant listening music, and enjoying the view...
Now I'm doing all my assignments with my android cellphone, and making/fixing my schedule for the next week><.
Where the heck did my laziness go?! And believe me, I had lots of it!!^^

Anyway, I'm gonna try to keep up and make myself a bright future (hopefully, a Japanese girl is included in that future!).

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  1. Just for the record, after two very meaningful years, in which by the way we got engaged, I went to her parents many times and all, she suddenly dumped me.

    She got kind of psycho because of her work's stress, and probably because her closest friends mostly hated me and she got a bit brainwashed after a while.

    She apparently left me by some fag in the same place she works at, and although I evade her, I keep seeing her often coming together, going back together, having lunch together (at the damn company's cafeteria!), or sitting way too close together at some of the big meetings we have...
    She used to do online messaging with that asshole nobody can stand like even on the weekends, next to me, and she kept telling me he was "only a co-worker"...
    Although the rumor has it that's only sexual and she actually has another guy outside the company.

    Ten months after dumping me, she told me she wanted 300,000JPY, because of the money she supposedly paid for me and her parents used when we went to see them... I know, at least you're a psycho you wouldn't this kind of thing... but I figure she's just trying to make an excuse on her mind it was the right decision, and/or probably she needed the money or her new boyfriend told her to, whatever.

    It was both the best and worst relationship I ever had... I wish she hadn't gone psycho and had continued our lives together and all, but after all the horrible things she has made go through.... ah...
    Advice from author: when you go crazy of heels for a girl, try to also get along with her friends (even the fucking asshole ones), or get common friends so when she gets too much stress she can talk to someone with a common perspective, and won't blame you for her problems or stuffs like that... but most importantly, when she's easily influenced by people, talk and make her understand she can make her own decisions, and to think of the reasons carefully...
    That's the story of the peak (then) and the bottom(now) of the happiness in my life.