Tuesday, May 24, 2011

department to be assigned to + thank you GNU/linux

Apparently I'm going to be assigned to the Japan Infrastructure and implementation maintenance department...
Which is where they have the Rakuten Ichiba and Auctions site... I think it's the heaviest place as an infrastructure engineer^^ and I'm obviously very happy to be assigned there (although it's not definite yet).
Ahh, going to be using Linux for work... I mean, I'm actually gonna get paid for using linux^^ as a free software supporter, you don't know what this means for me :D

GNU/Linux has given me a hobby, a stress reliever, a job, and maybe even a girl/future wife!!
I just have got to say thanks to someone^^.


  1. Future wife....?
    I hope so.

    You'll be able to handle one of the biggest infrastructure in the world. Amazing!
    I implement a new service, and you operate to make it stabilized. Haha.

    How's your new class? Is it good for you?

  2. Hey Kimi!
    Thanks for the good wishes;) That's very nice of you.

    I know! I'm like the only guy who already has (kinda) been assigned from the training so far, and I went like 3 times just to get explained and interviewed about the infrastructure job, which I obviously really liked too!

    Actually, as a part of the Ichiba part (I guess) you'll probably have other people do the infra work for new services stuffs>< but if I've got the chance to assist you, you'll get a good/stable server;)

    My class... is not that good^^. But I guess not that bad either. I'm really learning a lot, which is a very good thing.

    Thanks for your comment man.