Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I feel like back in high school...

I'm not kidding.
I just began working, but I've met like really the girl of my dreams.
I'm just fucking crazy about her. And damn she knows it.
I had the luck of being able to have a chat with her, and kinda expected we ended hating each other, and I'd never have to worry again about her being extremely cute/pretty/intelligent/funny/Japanese -> (my dream)... but apparently she didn't hate me, and I am, as you have probably figured by now, totally crazy about her.

But then, my shyness is keeping me back. I've never got along with a Japanese girl. So this is kind of the first time for me... (if, hopefully, I'm not imagining things) I'm really gonna do my best to get her. Really, I know I'm gonna regret it all my life if I let her go, especially for such a stupid reason as shyness...
That's the main reason I came to Japan anyway.

I really feel like back in high school.
Not just because of that girl, but because of my work (in Japanese vertical society you can guess how freshmen do... and how much we gotta study).
Not only engineering stuffs, but also business stuffs...
Official/business Japanese is not easy. I'm gonna get a book and a degree for business Japanese... I think there's something like that (it would at least look good in my resume).


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