Saturday, May 28, 2011

Please don't do this in Vi/bash shell

Due to my work, I FINALLY saw someone who uses the computer like me!!
She was like one of the top managers at Rakuten(link: interview of her), and really knew how to use the key bindings and handle the computer while speaking/doing other stuffs.

GNU/Linux, is amazingly fast! As a GUI interface too! You can move windows by pressing Alt and Dragging them. You can make your own window manager specific key bindings (to move, re-size , do whatever you want with windows, etc ),  and even copy/paste only by selecting something and pressing the mouse's middle button on where you want to paste it.

I've seen many people using computers, but very few (none) that knew how to properly use the interface, I mean using it fast/efficiently/naturally. I say so because I think I do it pretty well!

But seeing that the top Infrastructure department guys at Rakuten could, made me really feel I belonged there^^.

The worst thing is with the shell and vi...
Currently, I'm studying with some teachers, who really know programming/middleware/networking stuffs a lot more than I (probably, as they certainly have working experience at least).
But some of them really handle the interface just terribly...


1) In the shell (bash)...
$ ls /log /var
they obviously wanted to write ls /var/log (it's just an example, nobody would be this dumb...)
So what do they do?
They delete all till the "ls" part, and type it again in the right order...
omg lol

Answer) Obviously "^E M-B ^B Backspace M-T" is a lot faster
It's just stuffs like that...

2) in vi...

You edit the lines:
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

Where you want to change eth0 to eth1...
A cool way would be to select everything with "shift-G shift-V k : s/0/1"

A not so cool but fast way would have been "/eth0 $ r 1 n 3l r 1"
What do these guys do?
First of all, move with the arrow keys... then press i for insert mode, use backspace, move again with the arrow keys and delete/type again...

For me at least, this is far from the ideal way to use an interface efficiently (it takes them so long to write the simplest lines...).

I just really want to learn all what they gotta teach me and surpass them as an engineer, because I just really can't stand the idea of having someone who can't properly use an interface (or probably doesn't know) properly...
And obviously because I hate not being the best at what I think of a life style.

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