Tuesday, July 19, 2011

damn Osaka

I finally got her.
The perfect Japanese girl I've longed so much for.
I'm crazy about her, and she for some reason likes me too!
I ask her to marry me, she says OK!

And then...

Then she gets transferred to Osaka><

For god's sake...
Twenty five f*cking years living like crap, hoping for a better tomorrow, enduring so much sh*t, only for the day I'd meet someone like her, and make me feel it was all worth it...
And in the 3th month since we joined the company, she gets transferred to Osaka...
It has to be a bad joke.

Who do I have to beg for to bring her back to the Tokyo branch?><

Whatever, I'll either wait for her to come back here, or just over there myself.
I do like my job (? what I think it will be like), but I know I'll never find someone like her again and I'm not planning to waste that.

Oh, come on, we've had enough for a life time, just bring her back to Tokyo and let us be together (@whoever can change this...).

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