Sunday, October 30, 2011

connect to a VPS server remote desktop with linux

It's so annoying, when you are a free software believer/supporter, and you are asked to do something in windows (that piece of **** they dare call an OS that keeps bugging me or being just totally inefficient for any complex task).
When your salary is in the line, it's hard to say no.
Anyway, for those cases, you can always get a cheap VPS (virtual private server), and use it there.

You can connect to it using the remote desktop protocol, an ugly thing they have because they have no real terminal (can't use ssh), and don't use X. As you can guess if you use GNU/linux, depending on the server's distance, this can be really slow!

Linux clients

You can connect to it using GNU/linux, with clients like:

  • remmina (GUI) : easy to use and set
  • rdesktop (CUI) : copy paste between client and remote machine works!
    you can run it like this:
    rdesktop -K -f -b -a 8 -u your_usename -p 'your_password' your_servers_IP &

If you're looking for a good VPS service, the guys gave me a good and cheap solution.

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