Sunday, October 30, 2011

if you want a vps server, don't go to

Being in the need of a VPS server, I tried
Result: they cancelled my order without any reason after sending me an invoice and everything... If I hadn't sent an e-mail to their support, they probably wouldn't even had the courtesy of informing me of that.

This is the mail you receive when you sign in:

Thank you for signing up with! You have been added as a customer and you can now login to our client area using the details below.

If you have ordered a CloudVPS Server, you will receive a Welcome Email  shortly with instructions for setting up and provisioning your CloudVPS Server  from the Client Portal.

For Windows and Linux VPS servers, we will have your account configured within 24 hours. The login and server details will be sent to this email address once setup has been completed.  

#my username and password go here

I got my credit card payment confirmation and everything. After not receiving the e-mail as they said, I contacted them.
Here's what their answer looked like:

Due to issue during the background check, we were unable to accept your order. Any payments have been refunded.


As you can imagine, being in need of the service kind of in a hurry, this was very disappointing, as well as irritating. This guy obviously doesn't give a crap whether I need the service or not, and is not taking any kind of responsibility. Most of the e-mail is just a template. Fuck it, I'll never have to do anything with these guys again. In contrast to that, the guys at were very welcoming, fast, and even give me support as requested. Why the hell are so many few posts about this kind of thing anyway...

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