Wednesday, April 25, 2012

capoeira classes near yokohama

These are some capoeira classes around the Yokohama area.
Please also check out these links if you are interested:

  1. cordao de contas yokohama area
  2. another cordao de contas link
(I'm only putting capoeira regional links, as when I went to check out the angola class it wasn't very fun... and it was long as hell... -> near Shinagawa, and the teacher of the cordao de contas thing is so damn polite!^^)

The address and details are in Japanese... please use google translate if necessary^^.

Bashamichi class

場所:batubatu b + studio
神奈川県横浜市中区南仲通4-55 国際馬車道ビル地下1階
料金:体験レッスン・1レッスン=2000円 4レッスン=7500円
just get down on bashamichi station, exit by exit number 5, walk straight, and it'll be like the 3th building in the left side... follow the mighty google maps...

Higashi-hakuraku class

料金:1レッスン=2000円 4レッスン=7500円 6レッスン=11000円など
You can go from either Higashihakuraku station, or Higashi-kanagawa station (about 12mins walking).

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Some other related classes (please check the link on the top...):
金曜:日吉 20:30~22:30
土曜:藤沢本町 12:00~14:00
土曜:日吉 19:30~21:30
日曜:東白楽 11:00~13:00
日曜:藤沢 17:00~19:00

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