Wednesday, April 25, 2012

capoeira classes

After having done some Japanese martial arts and mountain biking as my main physical activities (the ones that don't include my girlfriend...). I never imagined I'd be doing capoeira. Especially in Japan^^.
But it's great.
I spent one year without any physical activity, I spend all day long from like 09:30 to 20:00 in front of a computer, doing a job I enjoy very much, but that makes me fat.

But since I started doing capoeira ---as I was interested in martial arts, especially if it didn't cost me much... ------ All the muscle mass I lost last year is coming back to me! I actually think I even have more! And I feel I can kick ass, which is even better...

So, what is capoeira?
It's something that let's you move like in this video (ignore the gay music and crappy roads...):

Or in a more romantic way:
Dirty Dancing 3: Capoeira Nights with Camilla Belle & Jesse Williams

Or in a more realistic, ass kicking way:

and from the movie only the strong:

I think you got the idea...

Anyway, it's absolutely great; fun, cheap (compared to karate and most martial arts I know...), and can be as physically challenging as your body wants it to be. And it's kind of popular with girls too! At least in Japan, it is... I'm so looking forward doing it with my girlfriend... (I mean, capoeira of course...).

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