Tuesday, April 3, 2012

emacs23's C-n next-line annoys me...

Who guessed one of the most used functions would change like this...
Before emacs23 we used C-p and C-n to move to the previous and next lines respectively. Being the next line, the line before the "\n" character, and about the same amount of characters from the previous "\n" (the same or last column).
Now, it's visually oriented, so C-n just means whatever is below the current cursor's position... As you can guess, this is very annoying if you've used emacs for a while.
From this page, I checked this can be fixed by setting the line-move-visual variable to nil.

fix this

  1. input "line-move-visual" on any buffer in emacs23
  2. press C-h C-v RET after it
  3. press C-o, move the cursor till "customize", and RET
  4. move the cursor to "Toggle" and set it to "off"
  5. RET on "Save for future sessions"
Yay, I have my old C-n and C-p back... there's stuff that just isn't supposed to be changed I guess...

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