Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quantum Leap's ending

I just saw Quantum Leap's ending...
It was too much for me><
I mean, it was great that Al got his wife back and all, but why the heck didn't Sam get to go back home?... I mean, he has a wife and a daughter working to bring him back too doesn't he?
Probably meaning that there's always something going wrong, and not even with your whole life's length you couldn't fix it, or maybe they decided he couldn't go back because the world wasn't a perfect place, and that would contradict the purpose of leaping or something...
I wanted a happy ending that's all><
He could had came back after a few years or at least after be reborn into himself or something.

It was a great series anyways. It's just that ending made me cry and I hate that.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mortal kombat song

Who doesn't love this song! I hadn't heard it since like junior high-school or something, it really makes you want to test your might:D
And of course yell Mortaaal Kombaaaat!!

If we could only play this song while playing quakelive!!!

I watched MK-1 and MK-2's movies because of this damn song. MK-1 was kind of good^^ except for Raiden's voice/hair and everyone being so damn thin.
Especially Johny Cage! One of my favorite character's in the game;)
MK-2 just sucked...
Worst than Power Ranger stuff...
But the girl playing Jade was kinda hot^^.

I also found out there was a TV series called Mortal Kombat Conquest... don't watch that crap><.

Stargate series, nothing like this

I loved the Stargate series. That is Stargate SG-1, and Atlantis. I'm currently watching Stargate Universe too, but SGU's style is very different from that of SG-1 and Atlantis. It's got so serious it's not really that much fun to watch...
I didn't watch SG-1 only because I thought Carter was hot (although I do think so...), nor Atlantis because it had good computer graphics and a very interesting story about the Ancients and stuffs. But because it was fun to watch, being rather a comical thing more than a serious show.
I like it that they didn't take the show so serious.

I was looking for any series like it, but all I could find was Farscape, which is too little-kid-oriented I think... It has jokes, but too childish, and the story is not that interesting either.
Besides, the characters...

Batllestar galactica was not fun either. The story doesn't make much sense. And it's just plain long...

omg, what happened with decent fun to watch family TV shows?

All I've got is south park, the simpsons and the daily show. No sci-fi stuff><.
I ended up trying to watch Doctor WHO. But it's even more childish than farscape...

Give me Stargate back!! (Or at least make SGU more fun to watch...)
Although I have to admit, even though she's not Japanese, I really find that Chinese-American woman in SGU very hot...
I just had the worst dream.
I was flirting with a Japanese high school girl, and finally got her to give me her e-mail address.
And out of nowhere, some teacher of her came up, and started scolding me for flirting with high school girls lol.
Damn. My dream is to get a Japanese high school girl^^lol.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Asian movies with great sex scenes

I've watched two "artistic" (not porn?) movies that are worth mention. They were very hard to find (being that the only asian language I speak is Japanese and all...) so I'm just gonna put them here in case in I forget^^.

The first one, is called A good lawyer's wife, it's a Korean movie. It's very long and not so much fun to watch (well, I only watch this kind of movies just for the sex scenes so your opinion may differ^^). And there's one great scene when some guy's wife has sex with her neighbor's teenager son.
That single scene is a lot better than most of the porn out there...

And another movie that's worth mention, is Jan Dara. It's very annoying to hear (it's in thai! almost as bad as hearing chinese...) and it's story is one of the most depressing sick stuffs you're gonna find around... But it's filled with great sex scenes!!:D
I've always seen Thai girls as not so elegant (cheap^^) but sometimes hot. Nothing like the women in this movie... especially the actress Christy Chung (although she is Canadian-Chinese so I guess that's what makes her so damn hot...) who is one of the main characters and has very good sex scenes.

That's it! Just for the record, I watched these movies first by having some free internet-television for a while, and a nice adult selection channel:D. Who doesn't like foreign chicks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

make auto play dvd (pictures and movies) for windows in linux

Ah, every time I have to use windows, my head starts hurting just with the thought of it...
But when you have friends/relatives who don't know/want to use real computers, what can you do.

I burned a dvd with an Autorun.inf file (to auto play in windows) that runs a batch file to:
  1. View all pictures in the disk
  2. Play all the movies in the disk
In linux,
 find . -name "*jpg" -print0 | xargs -0 xzgv ; find . -name "*avi" -print0 | xargs -0 mplayer -fs
would have been pretty much all what I'd need.
Yeah, I know, blaming windows for not having a pipe (or a decent set of commands...) wouldn't be too fair, being that only unix type operating systems do and all... But you can guess how annoying it is when you are used to something this simple.

Anyway, this is what I did:
  1. Output all the picture files (including subdirectories) in a file, and change the "/"s to "\"s so windows can read it...
     find * -name "*JPG" -o -name "*jpg"|sed 's/\//\\/g' > pics_list.txt
  2. Do the same with the video files (3g2 is a cell phone format... apparently not many windows players can play it, so I ended up using linux's mplayer program's windows' version)
    find * -name "*3[Gg]2"|sed 's/\//\\/g' > vids_list.txt
  3. Got IrfanView (a picture/video viewer), because it can accept input from a file (step 1 can be used as a list for the files to view).
    You'll have to do this in windows... zip the IrfanView's directory and use ftp or something to get it into your linux computer.

    IrfanView can also be used to create a binary (a program) of a slideshow of all the pictures you choose in case you want a simple way. However doing this won't allow you to rotate/zoom the picture, etc.

  4. Got SMplayer (a video player---this has to be done in windows too...) but didn't work, so I ended up using the binaries of mplayer that came with that annoying GUI, and using it just like in linux. As above, put it in the directory you are creating the disk.

  5. With all this done I can write the batch file:
    set FILES=%CD%\pics_list.txt
    IrfanView\i_view32.exe /filelist=%FILES%
    mplayer\mplayer.exe -fs -vf scale=320:240 -playlist vids_list.txt
  6. Then make an icon file (optional). Use Gimp to resize any picture to 16x16 pixels, and save it as png.
    Use pngtopnm to change the file's format png->ppm.
    Use ppmtowinicon to make the .ico file.
     pngtopnm file.png > file.ppm
    ppmtowinicon file.ppm >file.ico
    #rm file.png file.ppm
  7. Write the Autorun.inf file with the name of the batch file to run, and the icon file as icon. This file has to be at the top of burned DVD's directory tree.
  8. Change all the text files written in windows to a DOS format. If you don't understand why, read here.
     #in the directory where all the text files are
    #Autorun.inf =auto play file
    # playme.bat =the file containing the viewer to view pictures and the player to play the movies.
    # pics_list.txt =list of pictures made by linux' find and sed
    # vids_list.txt =list of vids made by same as above
    for FILE in Autorun.inf pics_list.txt vids_list.txt playme.bat ; do unix2dos $FILE; done
  9. Burn the disk with your favorite program. growisofs example:
     #in the wanted to be top of the dvd's tree structure (where Autorun.inf is)
    growisofs -Z /dev/scd0 -R -J -V "pics2010" .
I did change the scale in order to be able to view some vids with very small screens, but that's about it.
The directory tree would result something like:
  • Autorun.inf
  • pics_list.txt
  • vids_list.txt
  • icon.ico
  • playme.bat
  • IrfanView #the directory containing IrfanView (viewer program)
  • mplayer #the directory containing windows version of mplayer (vid player)
  • pics #the directory containing the pictures
  • vids #the directory containing the vids
At least, after doing all this, there's like no way the person you want the contents to see is not going to be able to!
I think you can just let the OS to kinda guess the dvd's contents, and choose a program to read it. But having strange formats (like 3G2, I don't know if it's a world-wide thing, but in Japan all cell phones use this annoying format, and having so much of them using mencoder to change them to avi wasn't a good option) putting a player in the same dvd needs to be done.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rakuten's initiation ceremony

I went to the Rakuten's initiation ceremony the other day.
There were a bit over 500 people including the staff and TV cameras taking the event.
I was a bit nervous. Especially since, even though the ceremony itself was in English, it was a Japanese style one! So, like, you have to image the army, because it's something like that. In the first five minutes nobody did anything but stay quiet looking straight ahead; that's right, five hundred people in the same room, and nobody was speaking...
Well, I'm actually quite accustomed to that kind of ceremony so it wasn't that hard for me, but since Rakuten is even doing the ceremony in English and all, I thought a more "American-like" ceremony would have been more welcome.
In Japanese ceremonies, you have to respond in a loud voice, and then go to the front of everyone. In this ceremony you had to do that too, however in English, and you had to say like "here" and then go forward, which I found rather unnatural.

But still, it was a great ceremony.
Except maybe for a chinese guy who did a brief speech. I don't get why chinese people can't get well-fitted size suits. Or stand up straight... or don't behave like assholes when on ceremonies... but I guess they're just not to good with formalities...

Anyway, the best part was after the ceremony, when we got a team get together kinda meeting. All the new guys (obviously including me) were there. And I just gotta tell you, nowhere in Japan have I seen such beautiful Japanese girls. They are all extremely beautiful, cute, and they're like from the Universities of Japan!! The best of the best if you ask me.
Obviously I was a bit shy because of that and couldn't speak very much, but knowing that I'm gonna work with such beautiful ladies just really makes me want to work as soon as possible!!^^
Hooah for Japanese women!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

installing apk files to your android phone from linux

This was done in the IS01 (a Japanese android). And my debian GNU/Linux machine.

Obviously the first step is to get the application (apk) file.
In this example I'm using "Piano_Play_7.0.apk", a crappy piano application.

In your android:
Go to Settings -> Application Settings, and "check" Unknown Sources.
Then, in Settings -> Applications Settings -> Development, check USB debug.

With this done, all you need to is get the android's SDK (linux doesn't need any extra divers). It's very small, and brings mostly binary (doesn't need to install!!) so it's pretty straight forward.
You'll get a file like: android-sdk_r07-linux_x86.tgz.tar
So put that in some rational directory, untar it
tar xvf android-sdk_r07-linux_x86.tgz.tar
cd android-sdk-linux_x86/tools

From this point you'll have to become root
adb kill-server #in case you tried without being root
sudo adb start-server
adb install /home/myusername/Piano_Play_7.0.apk
# to install all the apk Apps in /home/myusername for example
#(using bash) for FILE in /home/myusername/*apk ; do ./adb install $FILE ; done
If you mounted your device remember to unmount it first.
And then remove the usb cable, and give your new application a try!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Haunted spots in Japan

Place: Kiryu 3th Tunnel (Gunma prefecture, Kiryu city)

I took these pictures with my friend Tamotsu (his site here/nothing to do with haunted spots).
The scariest one, is obviously the one at the top!
After coming back from the "3th Kiryu Tunnel" (as it's called) in Umeda, Kiryu, we took a picture to the car. No one realized we had taken that picture after we checked those pictures out in our computers.
Tamotsu took the liberty of adding some "nice" comments around, but nothing but the comments have been added to the original pictures.
In the top picture you can clearly see the face of a woman/girl in the front seat. I didn't believe in ghosts much until I saw this picture... which got me doubtful.

All the rest of the pictures didn't have anything interesting. Tamotsu thinks we had some "orbs" in some pics, but I don't really know that much about photography nor paranormal stuff to tell.

The last pictures were taken in an abandoned elementary school in Umeda, Kiryu.

Nothing that fun here either (Tamotsu is really enjoying himself though^^).

We put together some vids we took over there, and lately in some abandoned shrine (a rather famous haunted spot apparently). Take a look at our vids if you want.
By the time this was posted, the latest vid is the one of the abandoned shrine. We actually took one at night too, but was too dark to see anything... maybe gonna post those pics too though.

Monday, September 6, 2010

biohazard 4

I went to see biohazard 4 yesterday.
The only 3D version available was the one dubbed into Japanese... but well, I really wanted to see the 3D version so I saw it in Japanese.

I think next time I'm gonna stay with the 2D version... 3D is not that bad (I guess...), rain, looked kind nice in 3D but I really think it wasn't worth it. Not many zombies in 3D and, well, it didn't have the impact I thought it would have. Especially, the movie quality was very low. 2D in High Definition has to look a lot better than that.

On my way back I saw a girl wearing an incredibly tiny skirt, yeah!! Usually, no matter how tiny they are, you can't see girl's underwear, but this girl was showing it all:D and she was so cute. Of course not on purpose, I think she was like in high school, and didn't seem to be very used to wearing skirts, which made her look even cuter.
I love Japan^^.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have so much spare time...
I'm in my summer vacations. And I don't have much work to do (on my part-time job), and pretty much nothing to do at University...
I've spent it so far studying scheme/emacs lisp/logo.
I finally ended reading "Computer Science Logo Style Volume 1: Symbolic Computing". It was a great reading. It's supposed to be like for high school or hobbyist programmers though... I'm a senior at my University and it took me some time to get many of the concepts there... damn. But reading that book really helped me out, it has helped understand many other lisp-like programming languages (scheme and emacs lisp). And volumes 2, and 3 seem like a good read too^^.
I really wish I have read this when I was in high school... actually I wish I had used linux when I was in high school so much. But the knowledge was to far away from me.

I rewrote a program I had written in C, which did a calculation of some huge files (5235 lines of some columns of big numbers...) to scheme --- I actually wanted to write it at first with logo, but since the current stable debian version doesn't support arguments I decided to give scheme a chance---. What a beautiful language. So simple, it doesn't even have a format function by default! You have to search the SRFIs for any not-simple stuff.
Actually many scheme's implementations (interpreter/compiler) didn't accept command line arguments either, so I went to the freenode's IRC's scheme channel and had a very educational chat.
I ended up using gambit (the gambc package in debian) which takes command line arguments by default, so you can use it with windows and macs too. Being that I want to give this program to a friend that only has windows, that was a very good feature.
In C the program took about 4 mins per directory. In scheme (not compiled), it took 5 mins and a half. Which is not bad at all! I tried compiling it but I guess I have to read the documentation some more...

I started learning scheme here and reading the gambit's info manual. At first, it's very much alike emacs lisp (being that it is a lisp dialect) so it was very easy to read.

I've been thinking of taking my programming skills to a decent level, and make my own bittorrent client. So lately I've been reading about bittorrent's protocol, and emacs lisp related http post/get functions.
I want to write in emacs lisp, obviously because I want to use it in emacs! I want something like Ktorrent in the aspect that I can choose the encoding and the files to download myself, but something like aria2c in the aspect that I just want to start it fast....
Besides aria2c has some problems with files encoding when they're in Japanese (even in unicode...) I don't get why. But not being able to choose the trackers to use in aria2c is a problem too. Now that I read the bittorrent's protocol documentation I know I can just edit the torrent file and delete any other trackers myself. But still, I would like it to be simpler...
Anyway, I guess it's gonna take some time, but I'm gonna try writing it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I had a cold for like 4 days.
My head hurt so much I couldn't even read my sex book / programming language manual (I've been studying logo for a while).

So I played some Lego for a while:D.
I made a dinosaur. Yes, this is what a grown man (24) years old is capable of lol.

I also made a toilet and a guy sitting on it, but I didn't take any pictures of it^^.

It's been a few months by now, but lately, one of the local department stores changed to a "mega don quixote", one of the largest chain stores in Japan.
They used to sell only crap before, but now they have so many cool stuffs!
This is one piece's Nico Robin. It's a mouse pad. I use a trackball so I really don't need it, but you can rest your hand in her boobs!!! If I had a mouse, I'd really be buying it:D.
How can you not love Japan?^^

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

got in

Rakuten officially hired me^^ I'm very excited.
The guy that interviewed me and asked me linux/open-source related stuffs was Mr. Yoshioka who is apparently like the Linux kernel developer no1 in Japan... I had no idea!
I met the other guys who got hired too, but most of them where from the University of Tokyo... there was even one guy from Stanford, omg><.
And there was me, from Gunma University lol, as you can guess, very exciting for me.

I'm sure I'll be learning from the best hackers in Japan, and I'll be working for a company I feel proud for, which is a LOT more than was I expecting!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I don't like Shakira nor think she's too hot.
I kinda like Danzig, I can listen to him more than these crappy new bands that are for some reason everywhere nowadays...

If you are anything like me, you'll find this vid very funny^^.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What kind of guys do Japanese girls like?

It just pisses me off so much when I see an "intelligent-looking" nice teen girl, talking with a piece of garbage-looking annoying kid that behaves like a damn chimpanzee (and that is a Furyo-/不良).

There are so many nice, and very cute girls in Japan. But for some reason many of them, like guys that look like crap...
That is today's Japan... I wonder if it's always been like this. Sounds to me like it used to be better in the 80's/90's. Where girls used to be more pure, and had better taste in guys...

Oh, whatever, I'm just pissed off because I really want one of those girls!!! ><


I went to the "third selection" today.
As I like linux, and pretty much all I'm writing in the entry sheets (curricula) is about free(GNU) software, they sent like a super hacker to talk to me... damn, I never thought I would really have a hacker in front of me.
He asked me to introduce myself, I was so nervous it didn't go so well^^.
And the guy just wouldn't make any reaction x( so it was a bit hard to talk to, but we could relate about emacs, and emacs related programs, as well as with a few linux stuffs.

But he was like, the real thing... so he started asking me about how many programs have I written, and about how long is the longest program I've ever written and stuffs...
I don't even remember^^. But that's obviously because I haven't written that many programs, mostly for college assignments only. But everything I do for my self, is mostly shell script (bash), or emacs lisp.
I made my own script to download porn for me from a site, but I couldn't talk about THAT, right?:D

I got to show him my FSF related items, like my "GNU pin", and he really seemed interested in that.

At least he apparently liked that I'm very motivated towards free software stuff, and although I haven't written any "real" programs, I do want to.

And I passed!! Incredible!!! lol they called me like two hours after the interview.
Now I only got one more to go... the last interview, where only important guys show up, and I think ask me about the company's motto and how do I fit in with it. I've read so much about this company I feel rather optimistic.
But you never know... I just hope I do well, I really don't want to keep looking for a job, and I really like Rakuten (that company).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

DIY window screen

I live in a very crappy, but cheap place.
It didn't even have a screen door/window. And when I wanted to buy one, they told me they used a special size, so I had to order a special made one... which costed 15.000y! (about $150)
I wasn't gonna expend that kind of money in a damn door. But I didn't have enough as to made a decent one by myself then. So I just taped the screen to the frame of the window. It worked for a while, it felt down a few times though, but after one year I really needed to change it.

So, I bought lots of wood and all the necessary equipment/tools for about 4000y. And have enough to make two screen windows. A huge one, and one for a regular/small window.


this is how it used to look... so crappy ._.

Especially the part taped to the roof.

and garbage used to pile up so much...


The lower part was hard to make because I had to cut so much around the borders><. The surface is not even which makes it even worst. But after putting in it, probably the hardest part was done.

Add some support in the middle, and of course, a frame in the borders^^.

And this is how it looks finished!

I put some tape around just in case, but it's not really necessary. And being that it's as big as the window frame, I can just remove the glass windows if I want;D I like outdoors so it's very nice!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Wow Rakuten is amazing!
They say they started doing every meeting in English and stuffs...

I passed the first selection, which was "group discussion". They made me discuss with a lot of mostly Chinese exchange students which were so forcedly trying to smile they were starting to creep me out^^.
The thing is, apparently that selection was more for trade/operations directed, rather than for the development/software engineering job I was looking for. And the guy realized that!!
So when the selection was over, they called me over the phone and told me to have a "little" interview right away. And I met the engineering recruiting guy, who was a very nice guy, and we had a talk.
He asked me stuffs I'm usually well prepared for, but as I wasn't expecting to have an interview that day, I really wasn't^^.
That really sucked, but he ended up even giving me some advice in case I passed (which I did^^).

Apparently Matz (the guy who created ruby) works there too! I was so surprised.
Anyway, I have to bring something nice to show, and think of a very good reason why I want to be hired there for next time. I'm really going for this one with all I've got!! This has to be the best change I've got so far, and the best I'll maybe ever have.

One guy in the station even told me the way to the company's tower when I was looking at the map! He just asked me in English "Are you looking for Rakuten?" with a bit of an awkward intonation but a really good pronunciation. The guy was Japanese, and an employee there! Outstanding...

Monday, July 12, 2010

ginza's company2

And I thought I was doing fine...
I thought this company was finally gonna hire me!
silly me...

I went to the last interview, they took me directly to the president's office, where he personally gave me an interview.
It didn't go that well...
It was going very well while talking about the last interview, and how I like free software/GNU software/Linux, and how I'd work in the company if I get hired.
But he suddenly made a serious face, and said: "The thing is, we like you very much, and you are obviously well fitted for the company, the only thing that stops me from hiring you right now, is your score in the 'fitting test'"...
Damn, just as I suspected.

Now, I have a big problem. Obviously, those damn tests!! Apparently, I'm too slow in the math section. And of course I don't always know the answer in the Japanese Language ones (the tests are all made for Japanese people, so it's kinda hard for foreigners...) .

I read somewhere, and usually hear, that western people aren't as good in math as Asians are. I didn't think it was true till today...
Well, I have to read the problem in Japanese, which probably takes more time than for the rest of the people taking it. But The main problem is the math itself. They problems are very hard to put in a formula already, but the numbers they give you to add/multiply,etc are even more annoying...

Before coming to Japan, I had a 100% score in math from like junior high, till high school. So everyone thought like I was a genius or something. It was just the level difference...
Apparently (or so I hear), in Europe/America math is focused not as much as calculation, as it is in expressing formulas, etc. But in Asia (I guess China too, but especially Japan, India) math is focused in calculation a lot too. So Asian students usually do very well in math classes abroad^^.

The guy even asked me once "is that because you don't like Microsoft?", omg... lol I was like "No sir, I didn't mean it like that. It's not like I don't like Microsoft or anything...", and he said "because, we really don't like them so much either^^".

I really don't know how I did. But I know I really thought I was gonna get hired by these guys, and now I really think that's not so probably. Damn.

Tomorrow I'll go to a company which has a special criteria for abroad students. They don't even make us take a written tests! We have to make group discussion. The rest of the students are mostly Chinese, so it'll be so easy ^^ (most Chinese speak Japanese like crap).

Monday, July 5, 2010

the super mario song

Just amazing... the Super Mario song, in a whole new way.

this guy's blog

Independence day

Happy Independence day!
I'm in the mood for some fireworks^^.

What can I say, I have to thanks the states (USA) for so many things.
  1. So many wonderful TV series and movies, that educated me a lot more than my own parents. Seinfeld, the daily show, the x-files, south park, Predator, Alien, Carl Sagan's Cosmos (I know, kind of out of place though^^), stargate, and of course Rambo! Too many to mention.
  2. So many great music, especially METALLICA! I'd probably had killed myself back in high school if I didn't have such wonderful music to kill all my stress for the sad life I had.
  3. Of course, for one of the best sources for knowledge in the world! Not only on physics having Richard Feynman, James Watson, and some other great scientists, but also for the invention of the internet, UNIX, GNU software and many more.
  4. For the strongest army in the world; the US army! Who keep protecting the world's freedom by fighting terrorists everyday.
Most of all, the best thing America's got, is obviously GNU software^^...
Yeah, I wish I could say that for real:D
GNU/Linux is one the things I like the most. However, there's something even better in the states... Yes, I mean... beautiful blonde chicks^^. There's no guy on earth who could resist one of them:D Please, please god, if you don't give me a Japanese woman let me have an American blonde one><
See for yourself^^.

Friday, July 2, 2010


No better way to run/jog than while listening to a cadence!
Cadences are apparently good for your breathing (some people, including me, have a pain near the stomach ---I had no idea what's that part called...--- when doing an aerobic exercise, probably because of incorrect breathing). But I don't really care that much about that. I just find them very motivational^^. Don't get me started with the US Army's commercials, which just really make you wanna join;D.

Here's one of my favorites (vid above):
"Marines for me"
A 1, 2, 3, 4
A 1, 2, 3, 4
A 1, 2, 3, 4
A 1, 2, 3, 4
A 1, 2, 3, 4
A 1, 2, 3, 4
---(wtf is he saying here...)----
A 1, 2, 3, 4

ginza's company

Today I went to a company in Ginza. Coming from Gunma, you could clearly see the Tokyo Sky tree tower while passing through Asakusa.
It was very nice to see, and the company was not bad at all. Very few people came over the guidance though. So it was a lot easier to ask questions and to talk, besides the guy that was leading the guidance was very friendly. They offered an interview, and even paid me the train fare.

The interview went pretty well too. In fact, it was the best interview I've had so far. They really liked I have experience in Linux and open software stuff (like mysql, and php), and the fact that I speak some English as well as Japanese. Well, it was very good, but if they don't hire me I'm so gonna kick their asses for giving me so much needed hope><.

(enjoy traditional music^^)

And yesterday, I had a weird dream.
I was at juku, but to go to the classroom I had to kinda climb a very thin way, which I was holding with my hands. And it was very high, so if you looked down, it was very scary.
The thing is, my students had no problem climbing it. But I was scared as hell. So I ask some student to help me. And kinda laughed at me and "cut" the way I was climbing, so I fell down... And I think that's when I woke up^^ when I dyed... lol damn...
Anyone with a psychology degree here?? ^^

Thursday, July 1, 2010

so long...

Today I went to a company's guidance in Tachikawa(立川ね,Tokyo).

The test was SO damn long!
The guidance itself was about 2 hours, they are a company called "interface".
Apparently some of their people have the hacker gene, so I was interested in going. It wasn't that much fun though; they showed us around, and although they kind of have a nice atmosphere, their computer environment wasn't that good... they all were using some crappy Windows machines. No REAL hacker uses a windows machine.
Some of them were due to the job (of embedding programs in small devices, like cellphones, etc). But some other were by choice, which I really didn't like.
They said they use SCHEME (a programming language kinda LISP), in which I was very interested (I really like emacs' lisp). But apparently the use C, and C++ a lot more... in fact, they didn't even mention SCHEME or any other programming language.

Anyway, after the guidance, they made us take a test about five hours long!!!
FIVE hours man!!!! Some of those typical IQ like tests, and some other flow-chart (like algorithms) test.
There was one especially hard, in which they asked like how to convert a hexadecimal number into a byte to a decimal number WITHOUT multiplying or dividing anything, and take each cipher and put it individually in another variable... I just couldn't figure it out so I made kinda my own multiplying and dividing chart-functions, and used an algorithm anybody can think about.
I should have shifted the bits inside or something...

Another thing that was long, was my hair. I'm shaving my head everyday... Still, however after a few hours it grows back again. Not only my head, my beard too. It sucks not being able to have a decent haircut, nor being able to just have a skinhead!
Maybe it's a hormonal thing. Because I kinda think my sexual drive is not normal^^. It's really annoying having to shave twice a day guys...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

South Africa's world cup

Anyone watched The daily show lately?

They showed a bit of how there were like only foreign companies around the stadium, and how actual African stores had to be like about a certain distance away from it.
And also about that annoying trumpet kinda thing that sounds like bees, and how noisy it was.

I really thought South Africa was a bit more liberal than that. I mean, they (the police) actually stopped an interview when a guy was complaining about the government. I thought only China or countries that don't care about free speech would do something like that.

Anyway, those trumpet kinda things really are annoying...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Takasaki's company, and the best flirting techniques

I went to Takasaki today for a company's guidance.

The company totally sucked. It was called マクロ (Macro). The people there were like Japanese asset price bubble times (the 80's). They greeted me like 10 meters away from the entrance, yelling me "こんにちは!!!" (something like "good afternoon sir!").
And when the guidance begun, everyone employee entering the room was like "失礼します!!!" (excuse me!!), and there were so many of them I couldn't really hear wtf they were explaining, and the kept entering and leaving the damn room, so it was very annoying.
Not even the people in the Japanese do stuff like that.

And the CEO came and started talking about their "special" policies...
He said something like "women are to behave as such, so we make them bring us (the men) tea, and wear a uniform. Men are to behave as men too, so if needed you are to carry heavy things, etc." ... I kinda agree with what he's saying, in the way that it's obviously more "pleasant" to be brought tea by women rather than by guys, but that guy kinda sounded like a dick><.

Anyway, I really felt as I was in North Korea or something.

Putting the company's talk aside...
Takasaki's (Gunma) girls are SO hot!
Really! Not only all those JK (highschool girls), and ギャル (gyaru) girls, but even regular ones were extremely hot. They use such a cute make-up><. Makes you wanna kiss them all day long lol.
Really, the most beautiful thing ever has to be a Japanese girl/woman. Or, at times, a blonde one^^.

Flirting technique...

I was there with a friend. And I started telling him about a TV show I saw the other day talking about ナンパ(flirting/hitting on something).
Apparently, especially Japanese girls, have a thing for media/mass communications. Their brains, in general, are set like that.
So you can use that to your advantage... How you say? That's pretty obvious; with a microphone!! lol
No, for real! A mic! You talk to them and put the mic in front of them so they can answer, and apparently they just can't resist it! They answer almost anything you ask><.

You have to make it seem kinda funny by using something like a toy's mic, rather than a real looking one though^^.
And it gets better! Using the same principle, if you get some friends to help you out, you can make one guy use the mic, other guy a camera (just look like you're carrying one, don't ACTUALLY carry one^^), and other guy with a board/paper (use it like a teleprompter).
So you can write like "Now say your phone number", and there's a change she just might^^.

In the TV show they tried that, 4/42 girls actually told their phone numbers:D all the rest answered to some questions, and no girl just ignored the guy (as it's normal in Japan lol).

I so have to try that some time.
I want a Japanese girlfriend so much><

Friday, June 25, 2010

Crappy students...

I've got like the worst students.

One kid, is especially bad. He always comes to class like 20,30 minutes late. And of course doesn't remember anything I taught him last class...

The thing is, he does understand what I teach him (besides I try to teach as few as possible per class, so he doesn't have to "process" that much), but he just really doesn't think it's important enough to remember, so he forgets everything like by the next day...

I've tried "quizzes" (like vocabulary, and sentences, all one on one), and it helps a little bit, he remembers for like 2, 3 days. But by the next week, it's all lost. So it's VERY hard to go to the next unit like this.

I try not to give up on anyone, and this kid does have the capability to understand, so there's some hope. But lately, he's becoming very annoying... He keeps saying stuffs like "ok, I'll finish this page, then I can go back home right?", expressing how bad he doesn't want to come, or "I'm not gonna be able to do this. Impossible. No way." before trying to do anything first (he is able to the problems most of the time, if he tries).

I don't expect students to be smart, and it's not a problem if they aren't at all. But I do expect them to at least have some decent manners. And I'm really getting pissed off by this kid. As a "juku" (preparatory school kinda thing...) I teach like at most two students by class. So it would be very awkward to yell, or start preaching anyone, besides probably not very helpful ---we're of course told not to do that as well^^---.

Anyone knows how to treat a kid like this? I'd love to know...