Thursday, July 1, 2010

so long...

Today I went to a company's guidance in Tachikawa(立川ね,Tokyo).

The test was SO damn long!
The guidance itself was about 2 hours, they are a company called "interface".
Apparently some of their people have the hacker gene, so I was interested in going. It wasn't that much fun though; they showed us around, and although they kind of have a nice atmosphere, their computer environment wasn't that good... they all were using some crappy Windows machines. No REAL hacker uses a windows machine.
Some of them were due to the job (of embedding programs in small devices, like cellphones, etc). But some other were by choice, which I really didn't like.
They said they use SCHEME (a programming language kinda LISP), in which I was very interested (I really like emacs' lisp). But apparently the use C, and C++ a lot more... in fact, they didn't even mention SCHEME or any other programming language.

Anyway, after the guidance, they made us take a test about five hours long!!!
FIVE hours man!!!! Some of those typical IQ like tests, and some other flow-chart (like algorithms) test.
There was one especially hard, in which they asked like how to convert a hexadecimal number into a byte to a decimal number WITHOUT multiplying or dividing anything, and take each cipher and put it individually in another variable... I just couldn't figure it out so I made kinda my own multiplying and dividing chart-functions, and used an algorithm anybody can think about.
I should have shifted the bits inside or something...

Another thing that was long, was my hair. I'm shaving my head everyday... Still, however after a few hours it grows back again. Not only my head, my beard too. It sucks not being able to have a decent haircut, nor being able to just have a skinhead!
Maybe it's a hormonal thing. Because I kinda think my sexual drive is not normal^^. It's really annoying having to shave twice a day guys...

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