Saturday, July 17, 2010

DIY window screen

I live in a very crappy, but cheap place.
It didn't even have a screen door/window. And when I wanted to buy one, they told me they used a special size, so I had to order a special made one... which costed 15.000y! (about $150)
I wasn't gonna expend that kind of money in a damn door. But I didn't have enough as to made a decent one by myself then. So I just taped the screen to the frame of the window. It worked for a while, it felt down a few times though, but after one year I really needed to change it.

So, I bought lots of wood and all the necessary equipment/tools for about 4000y. And have enough to make two screen windows. A huge one, and one for a regular/small window.


this is how it used to look... so crappy ._.

Especially the part taped to the roof.

and garbage used to pile up so much...


The lower part was hard to make because I had to cut so much around the borders><. The surface is not even which makes it even worst. But after putting in it, probably the hardest part was done.

Add some support in the middle, and of course, a frame in the borders^^.

And this is how it looks finished!

I put some tape around just in case, but it's not really necessary. And being that it's as big as the window frame, I can just remove the glass windows if I want;D I like outdoors so it's very nice!

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