Friday, July 2, 2010

ginza's company

Today I went to a company in Ginza. Coming from Gunma, you could clearly see the Tokyo Sky tree tower while passing through Asakusa.
It was very nice to see, and the company was not bad at all. Very few people came over the guidance though. So it was a lot easier to ask questions and to talk, besides the guy that was leading the guidance was very friendly. They offered an interview, and even paid me the train fare.

The interview went pretty well too. In fact, it was the best interview I've had so far. They really liked I have experience in Linux and open software stuff (like mysql, and php), and the fact that I speak some English as well as Japanese. Well, it was very good, but if they don't hire me I'm so gonna kick their asses for giving me so much needed hope><.

(enjoy traditional music^^)

And yesterday, I had a weird dream.
I was at juku, but to go to the classroom I had to kinda climb a very thin way, which I was holding with my hands. And it was very high, so if you looked down, it was very scary.
The thing is, my students had no problem climbing it. But I was scared as hell. So I ask some student to help me. And kinda laughed at me and "cut" the way I was climbing, so I fell down... And I think that's when I woke up^^ when I dyed... lol damn...
Anyone with a psychology degree here?? ^^

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