Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence day

Happy Independence day!
I'm in the mood for some fireworks^^.

What can I say, I have to thanks the states (USA) for so many things.
  1. So many wonderful TV series and movies, that educated me a lot more than my own parents. Seinfeld, the daily show, the x-files, south park, Predator, Alien, Carl Sagan's Cosmos (I know, kind of out of place though^^), stargate, and of course Rambo! Too many to mention.
  2. So many great music, especially METALLICA! I'd probably had killed myself back in high school if I didn't have such wonderful music to kill all my stress for the sad life I had.
  3. Of course, for one of the best sources for knowledge in the world! Not only on physics having Richard Feynman, James Watson, and some other great scientists, but also for the invention of the internet, UNIX, GNU software and many more.
  4. For the strongest army in the world; the US army! Who keep protecting the world's freedom by fighting terrorists everyday.
Most of all, the best thing America's got, is obviously GNU software^^...
Yeah, I wish I could say that for real:D
GNU/Linux is one the things I like the most. However, there's something even better in the states... Yes, I mean... beautiful blonde chicks^^. There's no guy on earth who could resist one of them:D Please, please god, if you don't give me a Japanese woman let me have an American blonde one><
See for yourself^^.

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