Friday, July 16, 2010


Wow Rakuten is amazing!
They say they started doing every meeting in English and stuffs...

I passed the first selection, which was "group discussion". They made me discuss with a lot of mostly Chinese exchange students which were so forcedly trying to smile they were starting to creep me out^^.
The thing is, apparently that selection was more for trade/operations directed, rather than for the development/software engineering job I was looking for. And the guy realized that!!
So when the selection was over, they called me over the phone and told me to have a "little" interview right away. And I met the engineering recruiting guy, who was a very nice guy, and we had a talk.
He asked me stuffs I'm usually well prepared for, but as I wasn't expecting to have an interview that day, I really wasn't^^.
That really sucked, but he ended up even giving me some advice in case I passed (which I did^^).

Apparently Matz (the guy who created ruby) works there too! I was so surprised.
Anyway, I have to bring something nice to show, and think of a very good reason why I want to be hired there for next time. I'm really going for this one with all I've got!! This has to be the best change I've got so far, and the best I'll maybe ever have.

One guy in the station even told me the way to the company's tower when I was looking at the map! He just asked me in English "Are you looking for Rakuten?" with a bit of an awkward intonation but a really good pronunciation. The guy was Japanese, and an employee there! Outstanding...

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