Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I went to the "third selection" today.
As I like linux, and pretty much all I'm writing in the entry sheets (curricula) is about free(GNU) software, they sent like a super hacker to talk to me... damn, I never thought I would really have a hacker in front of me.
He asked me to introduce myself, I was so nervous it didn't go so well^^.
And the guy just wouldn't make any reaction x( so it was a bit hard to talk to, but we could relate about emacs, and emacs related programs, as well as with a few linux stuffs.

But he was like, the real thing... so he started asking me about how many programs have I written, and about how long is the longest program I've ever written and stuffs...
I don't even remember^^. But that's obviously because I haven't written that many programs, mostly for college assignments only. But everything I do for my self, is mostly shell script (bash), or emacs lisp.
I made my own script to download porn for me from a site, but I couldn't talk about THAT, right?:D

I got to show him my FSF related items, like my "GNU pin", and he really seemed interested in that.

At least he apparently liked that I'm very motivated towards free software stuff, and although I haven't written any "real" programs, I do want to.

And I passed!! Incredible!!! lol they called me like two hours after the interview.
Now I only got one more to go... the last interview, where only important guys show up, and I think ask me about the company's motto and how do I fit in with it. I've read so much about this company I feel rather optimistic.
But you never know... I just hope I do well, I really don't want to keep looking for a job, and I really like Rakuten (that company).

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